Stand Up

The past 5 years living in Finland have given me a distinctly unique point of view of life.

Whether unapologetically dissecting Finnish ideology and culture, or struggling to play the role of Patriarch in a bi-cultural family, I draw my comedic inspiration from my surroundings, both on stage and off.


Oddly enough, Stand Up has always scared me. I have always enjoyed the comfort of being on stage with a supportive group of cast members. But in 2011 I started performing Stand Up as a way to get more stage time. Since then, I have performed Stand Up all throughout Finland.

Now, I host and produce Tampere’s only regular English Language Comedy Show ComedyO’Connell’s, which takes place every Thursday at O’Connell’s Irish bar. When I’m able, I drop in to Open Mics around Tampere and Helsinki to continue to hone my craft.

I love to perform stand up at private functions, such as weddings and Christmas parties, and I’ve even been invited to take part in a few Stand Up festivals throughout Finland, such as the Arctic Laughs Festival (2015) and Nousevan Komiikan Festivaalit (2014).

CoC's Trent Jan1ComedyO’Connell’s – O’Connell’s Irish Bar – 2013
Photo Credit: Annu Laine


*TP - StandUp - KlubiPrivate Performance – University of Tampere Student Union – Tampere, 2014


*TP - Stand Up - Wedding2014Private Performance – Wedding – 2013

 *TP - Stand Up - NKF2014 1Nousevan Komiikan Festivaalit – Teerenpeli Tampere – 2014
Photo Credit: A-P Hakanen