I have been improvising since 2002. With a BA in Theatre Arts, followed by several years of training and performing in Chicago at world-renowned improv institutions The Second City, The iO Theatre and ComedySportz, I play with a distinct style combining “Chicago Style” with my own personal playfully emotional style of improvisation.

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Professional Improviser

Since moving to Finland I have turned my passion into my profession. Not only do I teach and perform regularly in Tampere, but I also travel around Europe teaching and performing at Festivals and other events. I’ve performed with and trained improvisers from all around the world.

Improv Instruction

In addition to performing, I also teach improvisation professionally throughout Finland and Europe. I run Finland’s first English-Language Improv Training Center The improvAcademy, where I teach weekly Improv classes to beginners, amateurs, and professional improvisers.

I also travel a lot and teach workshops, intensive courses, and applied improv. I specialize in teaching organic, relationship-based improvisation, as well as Free-Form Improv, The Harold, Musical Improv, and Freestyle Rap. You can find a list of my popular workshops HERE.

I’m registered as an Improv Teacher on The Improv Network, and look forward to working with your group soon!

Some of my notable international festival teaching experiences include:

The Finland International Improv Festival – Tampere, Finland (2012-2017)
The BIG IF – Barcelona, Spain (2014, 2015)
ImproAmsterdam – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2015)
IMPRO! – Bucharest, Romania (2015)
TILT – Tallinn, Estonia (2015)
TIF – Turku, Finland (2016, 2017)
Slapdash – London, England (2016)
Improvember – Munich, Germany (Booked For 2017)

Current Improv Projects

I love performing! And I’m on stage a LOT! Here are a few of my current favorite Improv Projects that I’m working on:
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I am constantly trying to challenge myself and find a way to grow as an improviser and support other improvisers from around the world. So in early 2015 I came up with my new format: GUEST + IMPROV. Inspired by shows like Messing with a Friend, DeFrancisCO and Neil + 1, GUEST + IMPROV is a show where I invite an improviser on stage with me to do a 2-person show that we have never rehearsed.

For me, it is a test to see how supportive of a player I can be.

In Tampere, GUEST is part of ComedyO’Connell’s. In this version, I invite a team from around Finland (or the world) to perform their own format on stage in the 1st half of the show. Then, I randomly select 1 player from the team to join me on stage in the 2nd half.

It is an amazing experience, and has quickly become one of my highlights each month.

Now I have started bringing the show with me wherever I travel, finding an opportunity to play with players and teams throughout the world.


Are you interested in joining GUEST as a team? Do you want to have me come to teach your group and perform GUEST where you are?

Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME and we’ll set something up! I truly love doing this show, and I want to soak up all the opportunities I can get!


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JadaJada Improv

JadaJada is my hometown improv team. This is the group that started it all for me here in Finland! And I am so lucky to have a great bunch of friends to play with. Performing with JadaJada is my reward for working so hard, and I rarely miss a show! When I play with JadaJada, I get to let my hair down and just have fun!

We have two monthly shows in Tampere:

1st Thursday of the Month – ComedyO’Connell’s @ O’Connell’s Irish Bar
3rd Tuesday of the Monty – Comedy Cabaret @ Herwood


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Milly Can Rap

Mixing the kinetic energy of beatboxing and freestyle rapping with patient, grounded, relationship-based longform improv, Milly Can Rap is a one-of-a-kind two-man freestyle improv show.