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I am constantly trying to challenge myself and find a way to grow as an improviser and support other improvisers from around the world. So in early 2015 I came up with my new format: GUEST + IMPROV. Inspired by shows like Messing with a Friend, DeFrancisCO and Neil + 1, GUEST + IMPROV is a show where I invite an improviser on stage with me to do a 2-person show that we have never rehearsed.

For me, it is a test to see how supportive of a player I can be.

In Tampere, GUEST is part of ComedyO’Connell’s. In this version, I invite a team from around Finland (or the world) to perform their own format on stage in the 1st half of the show. Then, I randomly select 1 player from the team to join me on stage in the 2nd half.

It is an amazing experience, and has quickly become one of my highlights each month.

Now I have started bringing the show with me wherever I travel, finding an opportunity to play with players and teams throughout the world.


Are you interested in joining GUEST as a team? Do you want to have me come to teach your group and perform GUEST where you are?

Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME and we’ll set something up! I truly love doing this show, and I want to soak up all the opportunities I can get!